Oct 22, 2010
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Access was exclusively on the set of “Saturday Night Live” as Emma Stone rehearsed a skit of Lindsay Lohan on “The View” – but why does Emma say hosting “SNL” is the biggest dream of her entire life?

Oct 22, 2010
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Emma Stone is just days away from hosting “Saturday Night Live” for the first time and the “Easy A” star says she can’t wait to fulfill her duties.

“This is my biggest dream in my entire life, so this is the best week ever,” she told Access Hollywood on Thursday. “[I’m] just excited, really, really beside myself.”

In fact, Emma said she’s so thrilled to be hosting, she hasn’t even felt any sense of stage fright.

“I’m sure I’ll be nervous on Saturday big time, but for now, I’m just really excited,” she said.

Emma, whose parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles, all plan to come watch her big “SNL” debut, said she was ecstatic when she was asked to join the fray.

“When I found out, I cried on the floor — for a while,” she said.

The actress admitted contacting pal Justin Timberlake, who has a long history with “SNL,” and he gave her some advice.

“I told him I thought I was going to cry through the entire monologue and he said, ‘Well, if you want to. Just make it funny, I was like, ‘That helps very much,’” she recounted.

Columbia Pictures recently announced that Emma will play the newest leading lady in the “Spider-Man” franchise reboot – Gwen Stacy — but it’s unlikely a web slinger skit will make it on the late night sketch comedy show.

“Not that I know of right now, but we’ll see,” she said.

As for that upcoming superhero franchise film, Emma said she’llbegin shooting it in a short while.

“In about two weeks I start training and then I’ll be out in LA, about a month from now, to start, so it’s really exciting,” she said.

She’s also looking forward to starring alongside the new “Spider-Man,” Andrew Garfield.

“Andrew – he’s great. He’s really great… He’s gonna be a great Peter Parker,” she said.


Oct 22, 2010
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The ‘Easy A’ actress follows ‘Spider-Man’ casting with hosting spot.

It has been a busy year for Emma Stone.

After the unanticipated success of Screen Gems’ little-engine-that-could “Easy A,” Stone snagged the lead role in the adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s novel, “The Help,” followed shortly by signing on to the “Spider-Man” reboot opposite fall’s other hot commodity, Andrew Garfield (“The Social Network”).

And what’s the No. 1 sign that you’ve really made it? Being invited to host NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

“It’s the greatest week of my life,” Stone told THR. “I’m beyond beside myself. This is my biggest dream. This alone … this week!”

The 21-year-old actress — known mostly for her comedic timing — is already in rehearsals for “SNL’s” Oct. 23 episode, with musical guest Kings of Leon.

“Monday was just a pitch meeting, which is really short and it feels like unfinished business, but I’m so insanely happy,” she said. “I think the cast is so great right now, but I’m really excited to [work with] Kristen Wiig, because she’s such a genius, and she’s a woman. I’m freaking out!”

“SNL” was a childhood staple for the Arizona native, who spent her teen years performing in an improv and sketch comedy group.

Nerves aside, Stone is ready for her live performance: “For as long as I can remember this has been my No. 1 dream,” she said. “I’m just trying to enjoy it while it’s happening.”


Oct 22, 2010
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Emma Stone has revealed that she considers hosting this weekend’s Saturday Night Live to be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Stone declared that she cannot wait to take the stage at Studio 8H on Saturday night.

“This is my biggest dream in my entire life, so this is the best week ever,” she commented. “[I’m] just excited, really, really beside myself… When I found out, I cried on the floor for a while.

“I’m sure I’ll be nervous on Saturday big time, but for now, I’m just really excited.”

The Easy A actress also admitted that she asked frequent SNL host Justin Timberlake for advice on how to handle her debut on the comedy series.

“I told him I thought I was going to cry through the entire monologue and he said, ‘Well, if you want to. Just make it funny’. I was like, ‘That helps very much’,” she said.

Stone will be joined by musical guests Kings of Leon on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live on NBC.


Oct 21, 2010
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Emma Stone burst on the scene back in 2007 with comedy Superbad and is now one of the most in demand young actresses currently working in Hollywood.

And she is back on the big screen this week with her new movie Easy A, which sees her star alongside Thomas Hayden church, Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci.

After being a member of the Valley Youth Theatre group while she was growing up in Scottsdale and moved to LA at the age of fifteen to launch her acting career.

And it was in TV where she found her first break after winning the chance to take on the role of Laurie Partridge in The New Partridge Family in 2005.

But when the show on produced a pilot episode she went on to work on Medium and Malcolm In the Middle before landing the role of Violet Trimble in Drive.

She made her big screen debut in 2007 when she starred in Superbad alongside Michael Cera, Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz Plasse.

She took on the role of Jules in the movie and Superbad when on to be a huge critical hit and grossed over $169 million at the box office, not bad for a movie made for $20 million.

And she stayed in comedy for her next couple of projects as she starred alongside Rainn Wilson in The Rocker before going on to The House Bunny with Anna Faris.

Roles in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Paper Man followed until last year when she starred alongside Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin in comedy hit Zombieland.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer the zombie killing comedy was the movie that proved to be the breakout project for the actress as it went on to top the U.S. box office.

Winning over the critics and cinema audiences the movie took over $102 million worldwide and was the biggest grossing zombie movie in history at the U.S. box office.

This summer saw her voice at least on the big screen as she voiced the character of Mazie in Marmaduke. But this week she is back with Easy A.

High school student Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) finds herself the victim of her school’s “rumour mill” when she lies to her best friend Rhiannon (Alyson Michalka) about a weekend tryst with a fictional college freshman.

Word quickly spreads of Olive’s promiscuity and, much to her surprise, she welcomes the attention.

When she agrees to help out a bullied friend by pretending to sleep with him, her image rapidly degrades to a more lascivious state and her world begins to spin out of control.

And Stone has a whole host of projects in the pipeline over the next couple of years. She has already completed work on Crazy, Stupid Love, which also stars Ryan Gosling, Friends With Benefits with Mila Kunis and Woody Harrelson, The Help and The Croods.

She has recently been cast in the new Spider Man reboot, which sees Andrew Garfield in the central role, and she will also star in 21 Jump Street.


Oct 20, 2010
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In a year of big deals for Emma Stone, it’s a safe bet that this week is the biggest. As you read this, the white-hot actress is most likely at 30 Rockefeller Center rehearsing for her hosting gig on this weekend’s SNL. How, you might ask, is that a bigger deal than starring in the number one movie in the country (Easy A) or landing one of the most coveted female roles in Hollywood (Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot)? For this, we direct your attention to an interview we conducted with the then up-and-coming actress almost exactly a year ago today. She told us about her dream job, and how she doubted she would ever get it. So what was it?

If you guessed hosting SNL, then congrats. Before this week, Stone didn’t just want to do SNL, she longed for it. Have a look:

You said you usually played girls, and this is the first time you’ve played woman. What makes her woman?
Well, she’s not in high school, which is a big leap. I don’t know how people can pass me off as sixteen and seventeen year-olds still. I conceivably do not—like with the way I live my life, I’m like, “How the fuck am I playing in high school still?” I went back to high school for my next film Easy A, so I’ll milk that as long as I can. I have like no goal, is that weird? Other than SNL, I have absolutely no goal.

You want to do SNL?
Don’t start me on that. It’s a dream, it’s a dream of life.

Why don’t you make that happen?
I don’t know, it’s not gonna happen. Whatever, it’s fine. It’s fine, its nothing. It’s just, no, it’s not even like—it’s like, if that ever happened then I wouldn’t have anything to dream about, and then it would all be pointless.

Why don’t you quit movies and try and become a cast member on SNL? Would you rather do that than movies?
Stop it. That’s my dream. I would rather do that than anything in the world.

Wow, I had no idea.
Yeah, I mean I’m insanely crazy about Kristen Wiig and I’m so jealous of Abby Elliott it’s not even funny. She’s the youngest woman that’s ever been on SNL. She’s twenty one, so we’re like the same age.

So there you go. Is there anyone on the planet right now happier than Emma Stone? Other than this guy, probably not. So congratulations, Ms. Stone, for achieving your life’s goal, because not many people get to live their dreams. And for anyone who doubts Stone will do anything other than kill it this weekend, have a look at the promos she shot with Andy Samberg. They’re pretty genius.


Oct 20, 2010
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The first promo featuring Emma Stone hosting “Saturday Night Live” has just appeared online! You can watch it below…

Emma Stone will be hosting SNL this Saturday, October 23rd on NBC!

Oct 20, 2010
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Emma Stone is a class act.

She’s played Jonah Hill’s crush in Superbad, Matthew Mcconaughey’s high-school girlfriend in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and she’s just been cast as Peter Parker’s leading lady in the latest reboot of Spider-Man.

It’s a great time for Stone, whose most recent venture Easy A, sees single gal Olive taking a little white lie a little too far. We chatted to the lovely Emma about high school, memorable scenes and working with industry icons, Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson…

LOVEFiLM: How did you get involved in the project?

Emma Stone: It kind of started like any other job, I read the script and then I auditioned, so it was just a pretty basic evolvement.

LF: Olive isn’t the coolest kid at school, did you draw on any of your own high school experiences?

ES: I only went to high school for my first semester of the ninth grade year, but then I left and was home schooled, so it’s a different experience. I think the film is related to how someone feels in life in general. School is a more extreme version of what happens in life because you see the same people every day. It can happen in a work environment or anything like that. I mean, it was the same with the kids when I was doing theatre growing up, so it’s all relatable…

LF: What I loved about the film is that you can be a teenager or you can be in your twenties or in your thirties even, and still enjoy it…

ES: I think anyone can relate to being 17 and working out who you want to be, what you want to do with your life and who you want to be with. It could happen in the work place with a 35 year old woman. It’s just a subject matter. I think it’s a universal story rather than just having to be 17 and high school for this to happen.

LF: You’ve played a geek before in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and a cool kid in Superbad, which did you prefer?

ES: Oh gosh that’s hard to answer. Olive was so much fun to play. The best part of being an actor is playing different sides of yourself while you’re playing other characters.

LF: What was it like having Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson as parents? I want them to be my parents…

ES: You can always tell what it’s like working with them when you watch the film. They were so funny and amazing and loose. We gelled together so well and made it so much fun. They were only there for three days but they were great. You learn a lot from working with people like that. I simultaneously want them to be my parents and want to marry them both, which is this kind of weird symbiotic relationship, that just doesn’t go together…(laughs)

LF: As much as I don’t like the song, I loved the Pocket Full of Sunshine scene, was that fun to film or painful?

ES: The director Will Gluck has these two little girls who had a card that played a song over and over, so that scene is in the movie because of his own experience with an annoying song. And it’s haunted us ever since. We were at a national press day and they played the song as we were walking out. As much as it’s funny in the movie, it really haunts us.

LF: Which was your favourite scene to film?

ES: Well I really loved filming with Stanley and Patricia, they were great days. Those were my favourite days. It was great.

LF: What can our readers expect from Easy A?

ES: That’s a hard question to answer. Sorry I have trouble summing up the movie in one sentence. There are lots of great scenes and there’s a lot to take away, it touches on modern technology and the spreading of rumours, in a teenager’s world. It’s just really good fun…

LF: It’s great news that you’ll be starring in Spider-Man, how does it feel to be part of something so huge?

ES: I’m so excited, it’s going to be a crazy re-imagining and it’s going to be a lot of fun. It starts soon so I’m really looking forward to it.


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