Jul 30, 2012
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Cameron Crowe has settled on his next movie — a yet-to-be titled romantic drama starring Emma Stone.

Crowe’s reps confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that Sony has picked up the project, based on Crowe’s original script. Scott Rudin will produce, with Crowe hoping to start shooting this fall. The hunt is now on for a leading man.

Crowe’s last film was 20th Century’s family entry We Bought a Zoo. The movie, released last Christmas, grossed $120 million worldwide.

Stone (The Help) is no stranger to Sony; she stars in the studio’s summer tentpole The Amazing Spider-Man. She’ll next be in theaters in January with The Gangster Squad.

Crowe is repped by CAA; Stone is repped by WME and Anonymous Content.


Jul 25, 2012
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Warner Bros. is moving the release of Gangster Squad to Jan. 11, postponing it from its scheduled Sept. 7 release date in order to accomodate reshoots because of a scene of a movie theater shoot-out in the completed film that became problematic in the wake of the Aurora, Colo. massacre.

The studio announced the release date change late Wednesday. The only other release currently scheduled for Jan. 11 is Paramount’s Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, starring Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton.

The film, which is based on efforts of the Los Angeles police to control the Mafia in the ’40s and ’50s, included a climactic gun that was filmed at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The scene could be glimpsed in a trailer for the movie that the studio pulled from circulation on July 20 after the shooting that claimed 12 lives.

Since then, the studio has been holding discussions about how to revise the movie, directed by Ruben Fleischer, written by Will Beall and featuring a large cast, including Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn and Josh Brolin.


Jul 25, 2012
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Word has come out that the studio is moving Gangster Squad to a January 2013 release. There’s no word yet how much of the questionable theater shooting scene will be replaced — though the latest trailer featuring the scene has already been pulled from theaters — but talks are currently underway with the film’s director to plan rewrites/reshoots options.


Jul 23, 2012
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Last night, the 2012 Teen Choice Awards were handed out and Emma Stone won 2 awards! She earned the “Choice Comedy Actress” and “Choice Drama Actress” awards at the ceremony!

Jul 23, 2012
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In the aftermath of The Dark Knight Rises movie massacre in Aurora, Colorado. Warner Bros.’ upcoming Gangster Squad is in a state of flux.

The period movie, about how Los Angeles police battled the Mafia in the 1940s and ’50s, had been set for release on Sept. 7 and has a key sequence featuring a mobster shoot-out at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. But according to sources, the studio is re-thinking that sequence, as well as the release date.

The sequence begins with mobsters bursting through the silver screen with Tommy guns blazing, shooting their way up the aisles, into the lobby and spilling into the courtyard and on to Hollywood Boulevard.

It was supposed to be one of the movie’s showcase pieces, but now the weekend’s real-life events may have overtaken the movie.

Will Beal, the movie’s screenwriter, has been called in to come up with several new scenarios, including one that would salvage as much as possible of the sequence but have it start somewhere other than the inside of the movie theatre.

It is hoped that some solution can be found that would keep costs low on the $60 million movie and simplify the logistics of bringing back a big ensemble cast that includes Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Anthony Mackie, among others.

The other big change on the table is moving the release date. The opening could be affected by any reshoots but the studio may also want to put some distance between the date of tragedy and the time the movie is released before it sends out its cast, which includes Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn and Emma Stone, out to promote the movie.

Warners had no comment on its plans, which are still developing.


Jul 17, 2012
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After the reveal a couple of weeks back that Will Yun Lee would be heading up the voice cast of United Front Games’ Sleeping Dogs, I’ve been curious about how the developer along with publisher Square Enix planned on filling out the rest of the voice cast. And apparently, they decided to go the Hong Kong/Hollywood route, bringing on a lot of familiar actors from both industries.

Stone, Liu, and Lee are joined by the previously announced Edison Chen (Infernal Affairs), and Tom Wilkinson (Batman Begins), who plays police inspector Pendrew. Perry Shen (Better Luck Tomorrow). Mortal Kombat’s Robin Shou joins the cast along with James Hong (Blade Runner, Kung Fu Panda), Kelly Hu (X2), Yunjin Kim (Lost), Terrence Yin (New Police Story), and Tzi-Ma (Rush Hour).

The story follows Will Yun Lee’s undercover cop character Wei Shen as he infiltrates the triads, gaining the trust of his childhood friend to join the Sun on Yee organization and eventually working his way up the ladder to become a lieutenant to boss “Red Pole” Winston Chu (Shen).

Sleeping Dogs will be available August 14th for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Jul 12, 2012

Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man has every chance of swinging its way to a worldwide gross in the $800 million range, more than ensuring a second life for the marquee superhero franchise, according to various box office observers.

Through Wednesday, the 3D tentpole — starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone — has grossed roughly $408 million worldwide. That includes a nine-day domestic gross of $159.7 million.

A global gross nearing $800 million would put Amazing Spider-Man in the same range of the first two films; Spider-Man grossed $821.7 million in 2002, while Spider-Man 2 earned $783.8 million. Spider-Man 3 took in $890.9 million in 2007.

One Sony insider says Amazing Spider-Man has relaunched the franchise in “spectacular” fashion, pointing out that it’s pacing ahead of other reboots, including Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins.

Globally, Amazing Spider-Man and Men in Black 3 — Sony’s other summer tentpole — now account for north of $1 billion in ticket sales. MIB3 has grossed $603.9 million worldwide.

Sony has a strong shot at enjoying its biggest year ever globally.


Jul 12, 2012
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The latest happenings at DreamWorks Animation was the topic of discussion at the company’s panel this morning at San Diego Comic-Con. Chief Creative Officer Bill Damaschke led the talk, which kicked off with a clip reel featuring the studio’s hits like Madagascar, Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon, plus the upcoming Rise of the Guardians. But the highlight of the reel was the glimpse we got at The Croods, next year’s caveman family film.

James Baxter, The Croods’ supervising animator, Madagascar 3 director Tom McGrath and Rise of the Guardians production designer Patrick Hanenberger were also on hand for the chat, where they described The Croods as the story of a family that never leaves their cave, but are finally forced to explore the outside world and must confront change for the first time.

The question of where the team’s story ideas come from was raised. In the case of The Croods, the filmmakers initially wanted to do a film about a family. Then, they were like, “What if we do the very first family?” As the idea evolved, it became about how hard it would be for a caveman father to protect his family in a world that is literally changing around them.

In the case of Guardians, the film came from a book by William Joyce. He got the initial idea when he was asked by his daughter, “Dad, does the Easter Bunny know Santa Claus?” Well, of course he does!

Hanenberger explained that his job is to “bring the story to life with visuals.” So on Guardians, they wanted to ground the characters in the real world. They looked to real locations, giving Santa a Russian feel, for example. “We wanted to design them so that everyone understands where they came from and what they do,” the production designer said. “We wanted to present them as bad-ass warriors.” The idea was to move away from the chubby, “slightly drunk Santa” we all know and create a “Cossacks warrior.” Bad-assery trait number one: Only he can control his reindeer, who are so powerful they would rip anyone else’s arms off.

Baxter spoke of animating The Croods, and how he and his team must find a balance as to how much they want to “artistically incorporate the voice actors” in their films. Emma Stone plays the daughter in the film, and Baxter said that Stone is so animated when she performs her lines in the recording booth that they decided to incorporate some of her physicality into the character. “Working as an animator is like being a performer but only in slow motion,” he joked. “Like a closet actor.”

The whole movie is like a road trip, they explained, as the family has to go out and find a new cave. Along the way, they meet a guy — named Guy! (and voiced by Ryan Reynolds) — who is different from anyone they’ve ever met. He has ideas. He teaches them that they don’t have to be afraid. Also, the film takes place in a “previously undiscovered time period” that the DreamWorks guys call “evolution’s puberty” where a lot of the animals and creatures are mash-ups and mixtures of various real-life beasts. Oh, and the film will also feature a 2D, hand-drawn sequence.

And finally, the team revealed that they currently have 10 movies in production and another eight or nine in development right now.


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